Why do I need data for my GPS tracker?


Data can be quite expensive as we use it in our daily life for video calls, surfing the web and so much more. It can be even said to be synonymous with technology due to their interdependent relationship, however in this case we refer to the data needed to establish an internet connection. This is necessary in order to track your car with any GPS device, provided it is installed properly and is not offline.

GPS Tracking System Fundamentals

In order to effectively track anything in the world, GPS devices need to rely on a satellite system. These devices receive information about their current location, time, direction and speed from satellites in this system via satellite-to-satellite communications. The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provides this data to the GPS tracking system. 

GPS Trackers and Data Usage

The are two ways in which data is used in order for you to get the best experience. As explained earlier, GPS trackers use data to communicate with with satellites which inform you of your vehicle’s position and speed at a given time. Data is also needed to access the monitoring application which allows you to track your vehicle. These are explained in detail below.

1. Data used by the GPS tracker

GPS car trackers come equipped with sim cards which receive data from a cellular network provider and this enables it to connect to the internet. This allows the device to send its current location, time, and other relevant information to GPS satellites. When the GPS satellites collect this information, it is transmitted to a server via data services provided by the GSM cellular network for further processing. The information gathered by the tracker is then stored after processing is complete. This information can then be viewed from a tracking web or mobile interface.

2. Data used to access the monitoring application

In order to access the tracking web or mobile application it is essential that you have an internet connection. This allows you to successfully login with your credentials and navigate to the application portal. Here you can conveniently monitor your vehicle, view playback history, shutdown your engine remotely and do so much more


When it comes to vehicle ownership, having a GPS car tracker will provide you with greater protection than doing without one. With our service, you will be able to rest assured that the vehicle is safe and that the driver is operating the vehicle responsibly. When combined with other safety features, these devices can help to provide you with the information you require while also keeping your vehicle safe on the road.

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